Monday, February 04, 2008

London Feb. 1: Arriving in Houston, TX (IAH)

04FEB08 ouston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

As promised, we touched down at 4:35p and taxied to the runway; it was not bumpy though. I could see Air France’s Boeing 777-200 leaving and heading for the runway. All the other airlines (Aeromexico, KLM, and Lufthansa), had already left.

We continued our taxi over to gate E4, so I guess that this airplane is going back to London as CO4 at 6:35p. What a workhorse!

I got off the plane after putting my stuff together and headed for the Immigration area. There were lots of other people around, some from Paris and others from Central America. It was unusual to see the citizens and residents lines longer than the visitors’ line, but this was the case. They took a slew of passengers over on another side in order to alleviate the congestion. It worked!

The Immigration Officer I saw asked me if I bought anything while I was away. I told him, “No,” as it is much cheaper at the local stores since our dollar is so depressed in value. I then made my way down to the Customs area, gave the Officer my form and left.

I repacked my stuff as no need for the jack now since the weather is now 74F. This also made it all easier to carry. I then made my way over Terminal C using the underground train. I had called Metro and checked and the bus was due at about 5:30p. I had just missed one at 5:13p, it was now 5:17p.

At Terminal C, I went straight to the bus stop and waited. I am actually able to get a WiFi signal at the bus stop, so I was working until the bus showed up at 5:30p.

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