Monday, April 07, 2008

London Apr. 4: At London City Airport, London England (LCY)

07APR08 London City, London England (LCY)

It was hard to determine which desk to stand as the KLM Ground Services staff was also checking in Air One and Luxair at the same counter. I think only KLM and Luxair had a flight at that time and were using 4 check-in desks. I asked the guy at the end of the queue if he was checking in for KLM and he said he did not know…So I found an agent and asked her where to check-in and she pointed me to the right behind that guy. I then started to stand on the queue, but had not realized that had I jumped it until a passenger advised me that he was also on the queue. I then apologized and stepped behind him.

As I waited, the queue got longer. I told the lady behind me that I’d be right back as I needed to talk with the ticket counter across the way. I was looking around for it and had finally sighted it after joining the check-in queue. There was a short wait as the guy in front of me had issues and he was not happy at all. He already had a boarding card for his flight and I assumed it was later than the 7:45a, so he was not in any hurry.

After about a five minute wait another agent called me forward and assisted me. After he was done, I went back to the check-in queue across the way. I got checked in at about 7:23a and made my way upstairs to the security and Immigration area.

I noticed that my gate was #5, so I hurried down there.

I checked in with the agent and he told me to wait for a moment.

As I waited, the boarding process started and everyone was boarded. Only myself and the two agents remained in the small gate area.

A guy came running down the stairs at about 7:35a looking for the Lufthansa flight that was at gate 6. The agent told him that he was at the wrong gate, but proceed to find out where his flight was located. A call came back that it had already closed so he could not make it. The guy started pleading, but to no avail, he had missed the flight.

My wait continued and one of the two agents working the flight came over and advised me that they were waiting for other passengers that were checked in and also that the flight is weight restricted.

I was able to get a seat at 7:50a. I did not mind the wait, as I got a chance to see the operations; airplanes landing ever so often as well as some fantastic takeoffs. I boarded right away.

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