Monday, April 07, 2008

London Apr. 4: London City Airport, London England (LCY) to Amsterdam Schipol, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS)

KL1554 07APR08 London City, London England (LCY) to Amsterdam Schipol, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) 7:45a 10:15a F50 PH-KVH

Flight Time: 1:00
Seat Map

I left my bag outside the door with the gate claim tag as instructed by the gate agent and then boarded. My boarding pass was checked by one of the two waiting flight attendants on this 50 seat single aisle 2-2 configured aircraft.

I took my assigned aisle seat and got settled in, keeping my jacket on as the airplane was quite cold. A family of five boarded after I did at 7:56a. we now had 43 passengers. There was a bit of activity at the front of the aircraft as they computed the weight factor.

The Captain gave his welcome aboard at 7:59a, first in Dutch and then in English. He introduced everyone and apologized for the delay; we had a later slot time due to starting engines in 10-15 minutes he continued; our flying time would be 1:00. He then said he will do his best to make up for lost time and update us on the arrival time into Amsterdam later in the flight.

One of the flight attendants had to move two passengers to row 4 at 8:04a, just before the engines started.

The safety demo started at 8:10a, with one flight attendant reading the information and the other doing the actual demo. As we were going over water (The English Channel and the North Sea) life jacket demo was included.

By now, we were number 3 for takeoff behind a Lufthansa RJ-185

The meal cart passed by m at 8:42a, making its way from the back of the plane. Today’s breakfast consist of two sandwiches (egg and mozzarella on whole wheat) in a plastic bag along with napkins and condiments in another bag. Beverages followed; I had some hot tea with lemon and some water; as is normal in Europe, I got no ice in my water as I did not state how I wanted it.

We started getting a little chop, so the Capt. Came on the PA and said he was turning on the seat belt sign.

At 8:53a, we started our descent into Amsterdam Schipol.

At 9:01a, the pilot said that we had left our cruising altitude of 17,000’ approaching the Dutch remaining flying time left is 20 minutes and there will be a 10 minute made up 15 minutes l will dis at 10:30 5C thanks for flying KLM and hope to see you on your next flight.

At 9:04a, the flight attendants told us to prepare for landing.

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