Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lee - New York-JFK to Washington-National (DCA)

DL6024 17APR08 John F. Kennedy International, Queens NY (JFK) to Washington Reagan National, Washington D.C (DCA) 8:20p 10:00p CR9 operated by Freedom Airlines, Inc.

Seat Map

After our delay waiting for the Captain, we push back at 9:20 p.m. and get in line as about number 32. We waited on the ground for 45 minutes to take off.

I sleep the whole way until final approach and I see we are doing the river approach from the north into DCA. I love this approach as it gives great views of DCA and I am on the left side of the plane to see them. It also involves several turns including a last minute bank over the 14th street bridge to line up with the runway. And the ending is always the best and the same: water…water…water… then plant hard onto the runway reminding me of an aircraft carrier every time followed by heavy thrust reversers and brakes to stop on the short 7,000 ft runway.

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