Thursday, April 17, 2008

What to do this weekend?

I think I may be heading to London via Amsterdam this weekend to see some friends. I have a lot of choices this weekend:
  1. Accompany a friend to Shanghai, People's Republic of China (PVG) leaving on the first flight out to Atlanta tomorrow morning or meet him there on Sunday having flown to London/Frankfurt/Paris/Amsterdam on Friday night and then fly back on a Delta flight with him
  2. Visit friends in N.Y.
  3. Visit friends in Alkamar, Netherlands, but I would have had to leave last night
  4. Head to Mexico City to see my friend Alexis

Decisions, decisions...Which one would you do?

1 comment:

Lee said...

Well I hope you are enroute to PVG or to ATL to catch the 955 flight to meet me at the airport. You will be happy to know I have 2 pages worth of blogs written and if I could get into my gmail acct, I would post them...