Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Salt Lake City Apr.: Off to the airport

It was 7:52a when I awoke. This was about 35 minutes later than I had planned. I got ready and headed out so I could catch the 8:30a bus. I arrived at the bus stop at 8:32a, luckily the bus was late in arriving. About two minutes later, it arrived.

At 8:50a, we pulled into the connecting stop downtown, right on time. I could see a TSA employee at the stop, which meant the bus had not yet arrived [I later found out he was a bus driver :-)]. After a short wait, the next bus to show was the 102 to the airport.

It was an uneventful ride and I managed to stay productive. There was a lady on the bus that talked the entire ride quite loudly. Just useless junk. She even continued talking after we arrived at 9:54a. She then went to the smoking area and had a cigarette still with the phone glued to her ear. This is why cell phones should be banned on airplanes...

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