Saturday, May 17, 2008

Luxembourg: Amsterdam Schipol International (AMS) to Luxembourg, Luxembourg (LUX)

KL1745 17MAY08 Amsterdam Schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) Luxembourg 2:10p 3:25p PH-LXP F50 operated by KLM cithhopper

Flight Time: 1:00
Seat Map

In a few minutes, we got to the airplane. We had to wait a bit as another passenger boarded from a Special Services bus. As it was raining, I waited until almost everyone had boarded before I left the bus.

I chatted a bit with the Captain who was doing his inspections before takeoff. I asked him about the weather and he said he will update us later, but he thinks it is the same as here in Amsterdam.

On boarding, the male flight attendant greeted me and checked my boarding pass and then ushered me forward. This airplane as blue cloth seats with pink headrests that says KLM cityhopper on it configured as 2-2.

I got comfortable and asked the guy behind me if I could stow my bag under the seat next to him as I was at the bulkhead; he agreed so I did.

At 2:12p, the Captain came on the PA and advised that they were waiting for docs which is the reason for the delay. As he spoke, the documents arrived and we were ready to go closing the doors at 2:15p.

Two minutes later, an announcement was made that our flying time is 1:00, then the manual safety demo started in both English and Dutch. One flight attendant demoed while the other talked.

The right engine started at 2:21p and seven minutes, we pulled forward and headed out for runway 36C-18C. We waited for a Fokker F70 to take off and 2:37p it was our turn to go.

Soon after takeoff, we were offered two sandwiches; veal and pesto cheese; offers of drinks followed shortly after.

Captain gave his PA; took off in a northerly direction and then headed south heading directly towards Luxembourg using runway 24. should land at 3:23p with a five minute taxi time. Except turbulence on landing with showers in the vicinity of the airport. 18C is the local temp. Continue to enjoy the flight; made up time lost in Amsterdam and have a good evening. He then said it in Dutch.

We did start our descent after and kanded at about 3:23p as predicted.

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