Sunday, May 18, 2008

Luxembourg: In the hotel lobby

17MAY08 Hotel lobby at the airport in Luxembourg

I awoke at 4:15a and got ready to go. My flight is at 6:30a, but I have some time left on the Internet card I bought yesterday so I want to use it before I go.

I left the room at 4:59a and headed to the hotel lobby as the WiFi wont work in my room for some reason. I was waiting in the hotel lobby when I overheard an argument. Apparently a guy took a cab to the hotel and wont pay the driver. So the front desk clerk called the Police who will be here in a few minutes. When that was done, all of a sudden the guy now wants to pay, but no go; the Police are on their way now.

The guy just walked back in and said he paid it and it is over and he go sleep now. The Front Desk clerk ran outside and asked if he paid and apparently he did not. It is getting better. the guy is drunk by the way. He keeps saying let's go or I go to bed. The Front Desk clerk keeps saying you wait or you pay. It is getting ugly...

Again, he says he goes to bed and gets in the elevator. The Front Desk clerk then says he is kicking him out of the hotel tomorrow and when the Police comes he is going to give them the keys. Apparently, the cab driver picked him up downtown and brought him here.

I will leave for the Terminal at 5:30a as it is just a 5 minutes walk away.

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