Sunday, May 11, 2008

Montego Bay May 2008: Arriving in Houston, TX (IAH) from Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ)

11MAY08 Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

We touched down at 4:34p and taxied for Terminal E. Once there, we all deplaned and headed for the Immigration area. On our way there, we had our forms and passports checked by Immigration Officials, then sent on our way.

It was not an issue for two of us to clear Immigration, but the third person in our party had to go through secondary screening. About twenty minutes later, he was cleared and off we went. He mentioned it was quite full; standing room only and it would have been an hour long wait had they not just taken care of the simple cases.

He was going home, while the other guy was heading to Atlanta, GA (ATL) and I to Killeen, TX (GRK) to see mom and my sister. We said our goodbyes and then the two of us headed for the security area upstairs.

Once clear of the security area, we headed for the Presidents Club in Terminal E. I had some eats and took some pictures as well.

Continental's Boeing 737-700 is at the gate.

After a short visit, it was time to make our way to our respective gates. I was B69, my friend was C39.

I arrived at the gate for my flight to Killeen at 7:20p. I noticed that there was no aircraft at the gate and we were not showing a delayed departure time. There was also no gate agent in sight. I went back and checked the Flight Information Display and still no posted delay. I then looked around and saw the agent at the gate. I asked about standbys and he produced a waiting boarding pass.

It was 7:28p, when he announced that the inbound aircraft was on the ground and headed for the gate. Once here, it will take a few minutes to have the passengers deplane, clean the aircraft and then have everyone board. The aircraft showed up at 7:30p.

People started to get antsy at about 7:38p, so at 7:41p, the agent gave an announcement that boarding will start soon so please remain comfortably seated. I looked at the departure time and it got updated to 8:00p.

Courtesy boarding stared at 7:43p.

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