Sunday, May 11, 2008

Montego Bay May 2008: Leaving Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) for Houston, TX (IAH)

12MAY08 Montego Bay Jamaica

We departed the hotel at 11:30a, fifteen minutes behind schedule. We had wanted to go see the gold courses on the hill, but decided against that as we really did not have time.

We stopped and put gas in the car to the tune of JMD 1,375. The lady was telling us that this was her first day on the job and she had not eaten all morning, so we gave her some extra dollars.
We then headed for the airport stopping at the Domestic Terminal before returning the car; this time without incident...

We had a few Jamaica patties, then went and checked in paying our 42 USD departure tax before getting some local far at the Island Grill.

We then headed for the security area where a lady was arguing with the agents as she had two bottles of Jamaican red rum (150% proof) and she had to throw them away as she could not bring them through security. One of my friend tried to take sides with her and I advised him against it.

We all cleared Immigration without problems and then headed for the security areas. I went through without beeping, but I was still wanded by a female officer. As a matter of fact, all the workers were female.

We then went shopping for some alcohol. I had to remind one of my friends about the amount of alcohol that you can bring into the country. You can familiarize yourself with information here.

You can find a PDF doocument as well with the information.

We collected our boarding passes at the gate just before departure and then it was soon time to board so we did.

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