Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bucharest, Romania June 2008: Arriving in Houston, Intercontinental, Houston, TX (IAH) from Amsterdam

15JUN08 Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

It was a decent enough landing, but when you sit near to the back of the plane, you always feel the correction much more. We landed on the runway that was close to the E gates so it took no time for us to park at the gate.

I waited for my colleague who was sitting further back and I think we were possibly the last two off the plane safe the crew. We headed for the Immigration area, noticing that a lot of flights had just arrived including the Lufthansa (LH) flight from Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) that was one of our backup flights.

I cleared Immigration without any issues although the lady wanted to know why I visited Bucharest and why I have visited so many places. I simply said that I had never been there before and I love to visit different places.

My colleague had to go to secondary screening so I had to wait for him. In about 40 minutes or so, he came back. We then cleared security and left and headed for the car park.

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