Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bucharest, Romania June 2008: Bucharest International (OTP) to Amsterdam Schipol International (AMS)

KL1358 15JUN08 Henri Coanda International, Bucharest Romania (OTP) to Amsterdam Schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) 6:00a 7:55a 738 with winglets PH-BXT

Flight Time: 2:35
Seat Map

We were greeted by the purser and ushered forward. Two passengers were just getting settled in Business Class as we made our way past them to our seats in Economy class. This cabin is configured in a 3-3 arrangement. The Business Class cabin has 15 seats also in a 3-3 configuration; all seats on the airplane were taken today.

I asked the passengers at the middle and the aisle to allow me to get through to my window seat after placing my bag in the overhead bin. There was lots of overhead space so this was not an issue at all. Oh, one of the flight attendants was from my flight the day before, she recognized me and said hello and I reciprocated.

The door closed at 5:50a and our push back commenced five minutes later. The flight attendants were doing their demos manually as this aircraft has no entertainment system. The purser advised that although there are life vests under your seats, there is no demo of the life vests as this aircraft was not flying over water. I also did notice that the aircraft has no life rafts either.

It was cool to see a Tarom Airbus A310 next to our plane.

and the Air France A318 which was going to Paris on the left side of us.

We made our way for runway 8R and was airborne at 6:03a. It was odd to see the speed brakes slightly deployed on takeoff on the wing.

The weather was amazing as we flew around the clouds to avoid the associated turbulence.

At 6:25a, we picked up a bit of lateral turbulence and you could hear the pilots cut back throttle on the engines almost immediately.

It was 7:15a when the breakfast arrived; I had kept myself awake by blogging and reviewing the pictures I took. The meal was in a brown box which had a yogurt, spicy organic bar, strawberry, butter and cheese plus plastic utensils; a warm roll was presented as well.

You could get your beverage of choice as well. They were actually serving from the back and the front and they met at my row.

Thrash pick up followed at about 7:35a.

At 7:40a, an announcement was made by the purser about duty free sales, first in Dutch and then in English. The items for sale can be found in the holland herald magazine; KLM has three versions of this magazines: one with duty free items and the entertainment for international flights another with duty free items and no entertainment and yet another with the whole enchilada. As this was an international flight without any entertainment, we have the first one.

He also added that the Captain has informed him that we expect to arrive in Amsterdam at 7:30a; twenty minutes ahead of schedule. Gate and transfer information will be forthcoming later in the flight.

Our descent started at 8:05a, which was now 7:05a in our time zone. The Captain came on the PA at 7:09a and advised that we just passed the border between Germany and Eastern Netherlands (it was cloudy out so I could not tell at all); our expected remaining flying time is expected to be 20 minutes if there are no air traffic delays; the weather is good and there is a light southwesterly wind and temperature is 10C with light rain expected later today; he then wished us a pleasant day.

Our arrival would be gate D5 said the purser and the landing runway is close to the terminal ; he then advised to check the Flight Information Displays on landing for the gates and if you have a boarding card go straight to your gate, otherwise you can just use one of the many Transfer Desks in the terminal.

At 7:20a, we were told to prepare the cabin for landing. It was great to see the landscape below as we headed in for the airport.

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