Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing 2008 - The Summer Olympiad: At the Car Rental Facility

At the Car Rental Agency

The agent checked the car in and then I looked at the bill and noticed that the rate was incorrect. The rover told me to go inside to have it corrected. Just what I needed this morning; a delay. I made my way inside and luckily there was no one at the counter. In a few minutes, the agent adjusted the rate and I was out of there.

I got in a bus as it arrived and in a few minutes was off to the airport terminal. At the terminal, I got checked in, showed my visa and cleared security with ease. A guy got stopped as he had a bottle of alcohol that he had bought in duty free.

I stopped to check the FIDs, but the one with my flight on it was not working. It is also strange, that the display does not show Beijing as a destination and CO89 leaves from Houston to Beijing via Newark...

I then went to the Presidents Club where I had breakfast and waited for a seat. Using, I realized that I got a seat and headed downstairs to claim it.

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