Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing 2008 - The Summer Olympiad: Houston, TX (IAH) to Newark Liberty, Newark NJ (EWR)

CO89 08-08-08 Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Newark Liberty international, Newark NJ (EWR) Boeing 737-800 w/winglets [16/141] (738) N16288

Flight Time: 2:58
Seat Map

I boarded when it was my turn actually after they said rows 10 and higher. When I got into the jetway, it was backed up though. Eventually I made my way into the aircraft saying hello to the two flight attendants at the door. The customer behind me commented on how tall the female one was and she smiled back and they had a little banter going.

I slowly made my way back to my seat located almost to the back of this 3-3 cloth seat configuration in Economy and 2-2 leather seats in First class cabin. As I did so, the captain came on the PA and gave the arrival weather and our flight time of 2:58. There was still ample space for bags in the overhead and I was able to find a space about three rows forward of my seat.

The lady at the aisle got up and gave me access and I settled in. It was now way past departure time and we were still in the boarding process. Soon the doors closed and we pushed back at 6:44a. The safety video also started at that point.

On our way out to the runway, I could see two US Airways (US) Boeing 737-300s, two American Airlines (AA) MD-80s a United Boeing 737-300 as well as a Northwest Airlines (NW) Airbus A319. Directly ahead of us was a United Airlines (UA) Airbus A320 which eventually gave us the right of way to runway 15L. I am assuming an ATC delay for its Chicago, IL (ORD) destination.

It was now 7:00a and we were airborne in seconds. We made a hard right hand turn and basically made an almost 270 degrees turn which took us over the runway and the airport terminal. It was cool as I could see an ERJ landing as well as an American MD-80 taking off behind us. There was also the morning traffic heading to work in the city.

It was great to look outside and see the blanket of clouds below.

The film today is “Leather Heads” with George Clooney and Rene Zelweiger and there is a charge of 1 USD for the headsets, but you can use your own if you have them. We will have a beverage and breakfast service onboard today; alcoholic drinks are 5 USD and non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary.

The entertainment system started with a preview of the Heroes being available on DVD. Then there was a preview of the movie. By then the flight attendant had already passed through offering headsets for 1 USD. Shortly after, the movie started.

You could feel us slow down for a bit just as the flight attendants were making their way up the aisle with the beverage cart. Although I’ve already had breakfast,

I was eager to see what was in store this morning.

The seatbelt sign had just gone off when breakfast arrived at 7:41a; it consisted of honey Nut Chex cereal, milk and a banana.

Just before that the Captain came on the PA at our cruise altitude of 37,000’. He said that we were 1,022 air miles away and we will be on the ground in 2:10. The temperature is 78F and he anticipates a smooth ride so the seatbelt signs were turned off; but while you are seated keep them fastened. Our route of flight would be east of Memphis, TN then to Nashville, TN to Philly, PA and then to Newark.

It was 7:55a, when the beverage cart arrived; by then I had already finished my cereal and banana. I did have some water though and the lady next to me had some orange juice. She had long finished her breakfast as well.

As I was a bit tired, I tried to recline and get some well needed sleep.

I awoke on descent and put up the tray table and the back of my seat. I then went back to sleep. The next thing I knew it was 11:00a and we were touching down on runway 4L I think it was in Newark International.

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