Sunday, September 07, 2008

Berlin September 2008: Departing Berlin-Tegel, Germany (TXL) for London-Heathrow (LHR)

07SEP08 Berlin-Tegel, Berlin Germany (TXL)

As we entered the airport, the driver asked me which gate was my flight. Well I had no idea and so he pulled into an area with a list of all the flights and their departure times and gates. This was cool as I always saw this gigantic flight Information Display there and wondered how it was used and now I know. We checked our check-in area as A04 and he used that information to drop me directly outside of the door.

As I usually take the airport bus (109 or X9) back to the airport, I did not realize that this was the case, although I had taken a cab once before now that I think about it. The guy never stopped and checked this board though.

I arrived at the terminal at 6:30a, paid the drive the 19.80 EUR fare plus a tip and entered the terminal.

There was no one at the normal check-in, but the line for Fast Bag Drop was about 6 people long. I checked in and was told to hang on a bit for a boarding pass. At about 6:45p, one was issued to me, an apology being made for a middle seat, but that was all that was left on the plane. I thanked the agent and made my way to security line which was really long. I think everyone had waited until this time to get on the security line.

Soon, an agent came out and directed some of us to another area which had no line. In no time, I was cleared through security after the agent re-checked my back as she saw something, but when she checked it was fine. I then cleared Immigration and made my way to the gate. The area we used was actually that for Continental’s flight to Newark which was departing at 9:35a.

As they were boarding, I boarded right away and the same agent who checked me in was took my boarding pass.

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