Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Gusting winds and rain continues

It is raining like crazy now...It feels like it wants to come inside; I hope the window holds. I've placed a piece of plastic there just in case it does not...

The power keeps taking a hit; you can hear the refrigerator's motor dips each time the power fluctuates.

Landfall was 2:10a, at Galveston. The eye is over Galveston now, so about 50 miles away from me.


The Dolan family said...

Clint (Smith) and his partner, Matt, didn't evacuate from Galveston. Spoke w/ them this morning. Clint was near to hysterical. They took in water, up through their floor boards, about 3 -4 inches. At one point, they were afraid the house was going to wash away. They spent a good portion of the night up in the attic. He was traumatized. No electricity, of course, and no way to leave their house as it is flooded all around them.

Cruisinaltitude said...

WOW! I hope they will be O.K.