Monday, September 29, 2008

San Francisco, CA September 2008: Leaving downtown San Francisco

29SEP08 San Francisco, CA

My phone rang at 4:40a, it was my friend who was in the city for the weekend telling me that he had arrived in Newark and was on his way to Atlanta, GA. I groggyily acknowledged him and advised that I was sitll sleeping as my flight was at 8:05a; he thought it was at 6:00a. Grrrr.

I went back to sleep and awoke at 5:00a when the alarm clock on my phone went off. I got ready and was out of there by 5:35a. I made it to the platofrm at 5:45a, missing the 5:44a train to the airport. I had considered taking the KX, but they don't run too often at this hour and I did not feel like waiting in the dark at that

bus stop. Also, I had no change and when I asked the hotel guy, he had none either.

At 5:59a, a 9-car train showed up and I boarded along with other airport bound passengers. It was 6:30a, when the train pulled into the station at the airport.

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