Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rotterdam, Netherlands Oct. 2008: Arriving in Rotterdam International, Rotterdam Netherlands (RTM)

05OCT08 Rotterdam International, Rotterdam Netherlands (RTM)

It was 7:30a when I exited the #12 bus at Rotterdam airport. It was still dark out and raining. There was one guy boarding the bus heading back to the city.

I made my way into the empty terminal; I was the only passenger in the entire check-in lobby. I approached the agent, greeted her, presented my credentials and got checked in. Window or aisle she asked; I chose a window. As I finished up, three persons queued up behind me for the same flight.

I then took a few pictures before I entered the secure area. This was a painless process as I was the only one in the queue. Inside the waiting area, there were actually a few other passengers waiting for the flight.

After a while, I took out my computer and it was then that I noticed a sign saying that T-Mobile was offering complimentary WiFi. Sweet! I connected, sent some blog updates and checked e-mail.

At 8:01a, an announcement was made that we should clear Immigration and then wait the boarding of the flight. I logged off, then did as was requested. I was able to log on again just before we started boarding promptly at 8:10a.
We all boarded a bus and headed out to the waiting Fokker F50 as it continued to rain..

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