Monday, October 06, 2008

Rotterdam, Netherlands Oct. 2008: Leaving Central London for Heathrow

06OCT08 Central London, England

It was really early when the alarm clock rang; it was 5:15a :-(. We got up got ready and we were on our way by 5:55a. My friend programmed Heathrow into his GPS and after it found a signal, it told us where to go. The signs in the parking lot were pretty funny as we departed.

It was funny though as every now and then it told us to turn on a street that we could not see. Unfortunately, London is not a grid system, so it is a little difficult to navigate. Like all big cities, it has traffic issues. Luckily there was not to much of that this morning.

Eventually, we got out of the city and made our way to the A4 and found a sign that said "Heathrow."

As we approached the airport, we were in luck! An Airbus A340 in Star Alliance colors bore down upon us as we passed the end of the active runway. The timing could not have been more perfect. My adrenalin was racing as I kept my index finger on the shutter. Below is what it looked like.

As I approached the terminal, I saw my plane at the gate.

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