Sunday, November 02, 2008

amsterdam/london: arriving in Amsterdam Schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) from Central Amsterdam

2NOV08 Amsterdam schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS)

I arrived at 9:59a and made my way to the Flight Information Displays. I checked and the next flight for London Heathrow was leaving at 10:40a on British Airways from D8. I made my way to Terminal 3, checked in for the 11:40a departure, thinking that I can get to the gate and get on the earlier flight.

The Immigration lines were quite lengthy in Terminal 3, so I headed to Terminal 2 where the line was not long at all. A few moments later, I made it to D8, cleared security, checked with the agent, but was advised that the flight was closed. Bummer.

I did think of trying for the bmi flight at 11:45a, but there was no one at the T5 Transfer area, so I did not bother. I did also notice there was a KLM flight at 10:25a, but it was not that time, so that would not have been possible.

I then went off to the KLM Crown Lounge where I had breakfast and checked e-mail, etc. Soon, it was time to head out to D16 for the British Airways flight. There was a long line at security, but once I cleared it, I soon got a middle seat in Economy class on this Airbus A321. The printer was not working, so the agent escorted me down to the airplane as she had to write my seat number on the boarding pass.

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