Saturday, November 29, 2008

The French Caribbean Connection: Arriving in Orlando, FL (MCO) from San Juan, PR (SJU)

29NOV08 Orlando International, Orlando FL (MCO)

We touched down at 2:30p and I then realized that we were in a different pod than Continental, so catching the 2:40p flight was not going to happen. On our way into the terminal, I saw the following aircraft:

AirTran's (FL) Boeing 717

Delta Air lines (DL) MD-88

AirTran's Boeing 717

Westjet's Boeing 737-700 with winglets

Once at the gate, we deplaned and made our way to gate A6. Unfortunately, as this airport is built badly, we had to exit security, walk to the other side of the airport and then re-enter security.

We took the opportunity to pick up boarding passes at the Continental counter before re-entering security. We then made our way down to the gate and waited for the 4:10p flight to Houston. The gate area is actually under quite a bit of construction. I remember this area as it used to be used by ATA (TZ) which I used to fly quite a bit in the early 1990s.

At about 4:00p, we both got seats and boarded the full flight.

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