Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mokulele Airlines: Los Angeles International, Los Angeles CA (LAX) to Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

CO194 23NOV08 Los Angeles International, Los Angeles CA (LAX) to Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) 6:30a 11:46a 752 N57111

Flight Time: 2:47
Seat Map

As I boarded, I said hello to the flight attendant who I had just left behind. I guess it is the same flight attendants from my Honolulu flight.

I made my way to my seat, saying hello to my seatmate as I did so. The flight attendant asked what I wanted to drink and I chose water. She then came back and asked if I wanted an omelet breakfast after takeoff; I said sure. I also put in my drink order.

This aircraft has a 2-2 configuration in this cabin with power at each seat plus audio/video on demand entertainment system.

The door soon closed and we pushed back. On our way out to runway 25L, I saw a slew of planes as you can see below:

Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767-300

Frontier Airlines (F9) Airbus A319

MasAir Boeing 767-300

JAL Cargo Boeing 747-400

Cargo planes

Skywest EM2

American Airlines (AA) Boeing 757-200

Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200

American Airlines Boeing 737-800

United Express CRJ-200

Delta Air Lines (DL) Boeing 757-200

ExpressJet Airlines Embraer ERJ-145

Cargo DC-10

As we took off, you could see the mountains in the background as the clouds rolled right out to them. It was amazing that below all this was not quite pretty.

Soon after takeoff, hot towels were handed out. This was followed by a breakfast which was:

Fresh seasonal fruit and yogurt, biscuits and cinnamon rolls with butter and strawberry preserve, omelette with broccoli potato gratin, grilled smoked pork loin and turkey sausage patty.

The lady next to me was having trouble with her TV, so I pulled up the movie on mine so she should watch it. I then did some work, reading and a little sleep. I was able to keep my phone and computer charged as I had a plug at my seat.

I took some more pictures as we passed over Phoenix, AZ.

Soon, we started our descent. As we got closer to the airport, we flew right by it.

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