Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mokulele Airlines: Arriving in Los Angeles International, Los Angeles CA (LAX) from Honolulu, HI (HNL)

23NOV08 Los Angeles International, Los Angeles CA (LAX)

We touched down smoothly as I continued to sleep. In a few minutes, we made it to gate 62 after stopping short so we can be towed in.

As I waited to deplane, I checked and noticed that it would be the same plane that was going to Houston as the 6:30a flight. It was now 5:06a. I wonder if it would be the same crew?

I deplaned and headed for the Presidents Club. I was waiting behind someone who did not have Club credentials, so I made him my guest.

I then brushed my teeth, had breakfast (bagel), powered up since I did not plug in on the plane although I could have and checked e-mail.

At about 6:05a, I made my way to the gate and was given a First class seat at 6:15a. I was psyched as I was not really expecting that since the flight was full. I then thanked the agent and boarded.

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