Friday, February 08, 2008

Montego Bay, Jamaica: Houston, TX

Houston, TX

I got a call that my ride would be about three minutes late as I was getting ready to leave and meet him downstairs. I continued my actions and ended up arriving downstairs as he was just pulling up. We made our way to the highway and headed for US59 via I-45 North and I-10 West. The traffic c was not too bad, but not knowing what it looked like further up the road and since there were two of us in the car, we took the HOV lane.

This proved useful as there was a bit of traffic once we passed the loop 610. We made our way up the HOV and got off before Beltway 8 as the genius who designed the systems did not think it made sense to exit an HOV lane onto another highway beit US59 or Beltway 8. So sometimes the time you saved by using the HOV is squandered by having to use local roads to get to the airport. I don’t really like Civil Engineers as I do not think they use the systems they build. If one of the designers are reading this, leave a comment please.

Despite the cranky design, we did make it to the airport in good time, parked and took the shuttle bus to Terminal E.

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