Friday, February 08, 2008

Montego Bay, Jamaica: Houston-Intercontinental, Houston, TX (IAH)

Houston-Intercontinental, Houston, TX (IAH)

We got off at Terminal E and had no issues clearing security, except that I have this really metallic pen I got from the hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel that beeped. In order to avoid having to go through secondary screening, I took off my belt as well and was through the second time without a sound.

Next stop was the Presidents Club for a quick snack and some online time. As we walked towards the Club, my computer was freaking out with a loud beeping sound. I forced turned it off and it stopped; I then turned it on again and it came up in Safe mode. Crap, I will have to send it in now; once I get back home, I will have to back it up again and send it in.

I showed my credentials and entered the Club. It was pretty packed as usual and it was quite difficult to find a place to sit. We did find a table, but there were no electrical outlets nearby, sadly. I got some drinks and snacks, did a little time on the computer as it finally came up and then realized that we have to get to E22. I wanted to do a blog entry, but the malfunctioned denied me that opportunity.

As we exited, my traveling companion did an ATM transaction while I continued to the gate to listen for our names. When he caught up with me, I was still waiting. We waited for a bit longer and were both eventually cleared into middle seats close to the back of the airplane. We immediately made our way to the gate agent and boarded. As we walked, I commented that this was a brand new plane as I confirmed that it was aircraft 414, a Boeing 737-900ER with winglets; the second one of its kind in the Continental fleet.

As we made our way down the jet way, we were stopped with about ¾ the way to go as there was a back up. Soon, we got to the aircraft.

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