Sunday, February 10, 2008

Montego Bay, Jamaica: In Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

08FEB08 Los Angeles International, Los Angeles CA (LAX)

We left the Presidents Club and made our way to the escalators that would take us down to the walkway between Terminal 5 and 6. I knew we had a little walk ahead of us so I was hoping that there was a cart down there and sure enough there was.

I spoke to the guy who was on his cell phone if he could take us. He was still on the phone when we sat on his cart, so I told him that if he can't leave now, we would just walk, so then he started the cart and we left.

At the other side, we made our way upstairs to the terminal. We went over to the gate and waited for an agent to arrive. W saw one and asked if we could check-in at the gate and she said yes, but that she had to go meet the incoming flight. We also saw the crew waiting behind the podium as well.

My travel companion was busy getting the hotel booked as the Internet site was just not having it earlier. Eventually he got that accomplished and we had a room for Saturday-Sunday at the Rose Hall Resort & Country Club. We decided against the All Inclusive as it was too pricey.

We got checked in with seat assignments in a row at the back of the plan at about 9:30p and then we made a quick trip to the Delta Crown Room Club. I showed my credentials and the agent asked me for a ticket. The agent who was training her told her that none is necessary with a Presidents Club card. Another lady before us was asking about gaining entry, but she could not with only a ticket on Air Jamaica. It appears that Air Jamaica does not have a lounge agreement with Delta, but I am not certain.

The Club is quite small and almost all the seats were taken. W eventually walked around and found two seats next to each other. We then had some refreshments before rushing back to the gate. As for Internet access, Delta uses T-Mobile and I had to pay so I did not bother.

At the gate, they had not started boarding as yet, but the crew had gone, so that was a good sign. In a few minutes they did start the process and we boarded when it was our turn.

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