Sunday, February 10, 2008

Montego Bay, Jamaica: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ)

JM074 08FEB08 Los Angeles International, Los Angeles CA (LAX) to Donald Sangster International, Montego Bay Jamaica (MBJ) 10:00p 6:25a+1 320 6Y-JMF

Flight Time: 5:15

As I boarded the greeting flight attendants inspected my boarding pass. I said hello, then I turned right and walked through three rows of 2-2 configured First Class cabin with one empty seat.

There is a divider from the Economy class cabin with its 3-3 blue cloth seats with a red cover that had a humming bird (love bird) on it. There were the usual people trying to get in their seats as we walked down the aisle.

As I walked down, I did notice that the legroom was really tight on this airplane; good thing that we have an empty seat between us. There were also blankets and pillows on select seats throughout the cabin.

We got settled in and soon it was time for pushback at 10:17p. As we did, the manual flight attendant demo started. It took us a little time to get to the runway and soon, we tookoff at 10:32p into the dark night air.

After takeoff, we were welcomed aboard and the crew was introduced by the lead flight attendant. She explained that we should stay in our own cabins and that we would have a light champagne snack service after we leveled out and then 1.5 hours before landing we would have a hot breakfast. She then said to sit back and relax and enjoy the service.

Immigration forms were handed out for those whose final stop was Jamaica followed by headsets. The movie screens then came down from the ceiling. The entertainment for today would be “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” says the Skywritings inflight magazine.

The inflight snack of a pack of cookies came and was followed by a service of beverages. All drinks were complimentary except fot beer and wine which was 3 USD.
As I was pretty tired, I fell asleep while looking at the movie without using the headsets.

About an hour and a half before landing, we were served breakfast. There was a choice of French toast or a cheese omelet; I opted for the cheese omelet that was served with a sausage, potatoes and a roll. Drinks followed after the meal was served.

I heard the lady in front of us ask for coffee. The flight attendant said that hot beverages are never served when the seatbelt sign is turned on. A strange rule I thought and wondered what happened to cause them to instituted such a rule.

After the meal and drinks were served, they came back with tea and coffee as the seat belt sign was now turned off.

The pilot then came on the PA at 6:27a and welcomed us onboard and said that we should touch down at about 6:48a. He also said that the temp was 78F and next time we come back to Jamaica we should bring a friend.

The flight attendants did an Exit row demo just before landing and ensured that our blankets were stowed away as well as the window shades were up. One passenger was still doing his forms with the tray table down and he had to put it up. The flight attendant was not happy that he was doing that at all.

As we descended, one could still see night lights on the city of Montego Bay. The Caribbean sea water was incredibly clear though.

We touched down as promised and made our way to the gate.

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