Friday, February 29, 2008

Sydney, Australia: Arriving in Sydney International, Sydney Australia (SYD)

29FEB08 Sydney International Airport Sydney, Australia (SYD)

We touched down with a double bounce as promised at 9:35a. It was a nice taxi to the gate and it was good to see other airplanes all over the place. It is the home of Qantas so of course there were plenty of red and white with the kangaroo on the tail to go around.

The flight said that we were heading to Terminal 3 and also gave connecting information for the International terminal at Terminal 1 and other connecting flights at Terminal 2.

We got up to the gate and I deplaned without incident. I found an area to sit and got a faint free WiFi connection and a plug for the computers. I was able to get some work done as well as continued my search for the Indian consulate information. It was my intention to see if I can get an Indian visa while I am here. I already have one, but it is in my old expired passport; I was trying to see if I can get it transferred to my existing one.

I also watched a few planes depart.

Once I was done, I exited the concourse, and headed for the Airport Link into the city center.

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