Friday, February 29, 2008

Sydney, Australia: In Cairns

29FEB 08 Cairns International, Cairns Australia (CNS)

I arrived and pulled up to the gate at which point I got my crap together and was about to disembark, when we all had to sit back down as we were not at the gate properly. After a few minutes, we got that sorted out and deplaned.

I cleared Immigration and Customs without incident and then made my way to the arrivals area. I needed to get another tickets so I made my way to the ticket counter, but they were closing so I was out of luck.

I then found Internet access and a plug behind the coke machine and started working and blogging.

I have a few updates to do and will soon; later today. There is a 5:45a (734) and a 6:45a (763). Torn, as I want to be in the International terminal which is where the 6:45a arrives, but would love to get there earlier, but the 5:45a arrives in the domestic terminal :-(...

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