Saturday, March 22, 2008

Del Rio, TX: Boarding the Shuttle bus

21MAR08 Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

When I got down stairs, there was a guy balking instructions on a bullhorn to a line of about 34 people. Good grief, I thought, I hope the wait is not long as it was already 8:10a. In a few moments a bus showed up then another one behind it. The bullhorn guy decided to send one bus to Terminal A and another to B; good thought.

Myself along with 15 others boarded the bus for Terminal A and then waited. Moments later, one additional passenger came on the bus and we were on our way. We passed by Terminal B and then made our way to A. There was a lady on the bus who was going to another city whose flight was about to leave. Her husband kept calling her and saying to hurry up. She kept saying that she is on her way. The agents for the flight also radioed the driver and asked how many Shreveport passengers were onboard and there were two.

Eventually, we made it there and despite the fact that the driver said to wait for the electronic ramp to be deployed the lady did not. He had to remind her to wait. All three of us disembarked first and headed to A1 (we were at A2).

At A1, I showed my ID, collected my boarding pass and boarded the waiting bus at the end of the jetway at A1. At about 8:35a, the bus left for the airplane. There were five others on board including two young boys.

We all boarded, gate checking the larger bags before entering the airplane.

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