Saturday, March 22, 2008

Del Rio, TX: Del Rio International, Del Rio TX (DRT) to Houston, TX (IAH)

CO9524/22MAR08 Del Rio International, Del Rio TX (DRT) to Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) 10:45a 12:34p SF3 N356CJ operated by Colgan Air [delayed service]

Flight Time: 1:13
Seat Map

As soon as we all boarded, the Captain came on the PA and made an apology for the lengthy delay. He said there an oil leak and a mechanic had to look at it before it could fly again. None was available so they had to fly the plane in from Houston. He said that the flying time would be 1:13 and 1:30 with taxi times on both sides. Winds were gusty in Huston and we would cruise at 22,000’.

At 6:08p, the right engine started and then the flight attendant closed the door and started her safety demo briefing. The left engine started at 6:10p as she continued and a minute later, we pulled forward and headed out for runway 13.

It was a fast taxi and as we the only traffic, we took to the runway right away and were airborne in no time. We made a quick left turn as we headed out. It was good to see where I walked earlier.

At about 6:22p, we buzzed 10,000’ and the Captain came on the PA and said the air was smooth so he turned off the seatbelt sign in addition, we had a tail wind so we will make up some time.

The flight attendant gave her welcome speech and advised that beer, wine and margaritas are 5 USD, non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Peanuts and pretzels would be served today.

An offer for peanuts and pretzel plus a beverage came at 6:33p. I opted for some peanuts plus some apple juice and a glass of water.

As I was so tired, I fell asleep and the airplane was quite cold as well. The flight attendant woke me up to get ready for landing so I did. We touched down at 7:30p and headed for the gate.

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