Saturday, March 22, 2008

Del Rio, TX: I’m on my way

It was 5:31a when I awoke. I had only gone to sleep at 3:05a and had set the alarm clock for 5:05a, so you can figure out what occurred there.

I got ready and was out the door by 5:56a. Thankfully, the bus came at 6:03a after a four minute wait. It was 6:20a, when I arrived at the connecting bus stop, so now I have a twenty minute wait. I started talking to a guy who was standing at the bus stop with a small colored map of Houston in his hands. I had seen him on the bus reviewing the schedule and he had gotten off the bus two stops before the connecting bus stop. I somehow had a thought that he too was heading to the airport.

Indeed, he was; he was meeting a friend of his who is arriving on Continental 52 at 6:20a from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He too is from Argentina and has been in Houston for the past four months working on a project.

We chatted about Argentina for a bit and I mentioned the initial weekend plans and how Buenos Aires was replaced by Del Rio, TX. He laughed about that. I mentioned that Ushuaia was on the list to visit, but I would need an extra day to do so. He mentioned that Ushuaia is actually more picturesque than Punta Arenas and is the city from which the cruise ships leave for Antarctica.

He even mentioned Iguaçu Falls as a place to visit as well. I did mention about the flight times and the closeness of the flights and he agreed that if anything went wrong with the flights, I would possibly miss the departure flight to Houston.
We both noticed this lady who was also on our bus and had gotten off at the same stop he did as she was pacing. She had even stopped another bus to ask about the timing of the airport bus.

At 6:40a, the bus showed up and about five of us boarded. The scheduled arrival time is 7:40a I believe. We arrived at 7:37a.

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