Friday, April 18, 2008

London Apr. 18: Leaving downtown Houston

So, the decision was made, London it is.

I was going to take the 5:30p bus which arrives at 6:21p with a colleague who was heading to Memphis, TN (MEM) to visit a company down there at some God awful hour of the night. Another colleague was going to the airport, but had mentioned that he was taking an earlier flight, but if that changed he would let me know and that I could ride with him.

As I was about to leave at 5:00p, my colleague returned and said that his meeting ran late so he would take me. I asked if it was O.K. to take my other colleague and he said yes. I then called him and advised him of the situation.

The drive to the airport was not an issue. We did not even have to use the HOV lanes. We pulled into Fast Park and in no time were at Terminal C.

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