Monday, May 12, 2008

Montego Bay May 2008: Departing Killeen, TX (GRK) for Houston, TX (IAH)

12MAY08 Killeen Ft. Hood Regional, Killeen Texas (GRK)

I parked the car in the same slot that I picked it up only a few hours before. The airport was very quiet and looked deserted except for a two trucks that were parked in front.

I made my way to the check-in counter and checked myself in using the lone no bags kiosk. I got my standby boarding pass and then just milled around for a bit, dropping off the car rental key in the process.

I then took a few pictures noting that there were customers waiting for Delta and American to open for check-in. The American flight was at 7:00a and there were people queuing up at 4:00a which I think is bizarre as this airport is so small and it is only a 70-seater. It was good to see Delta here as the last time I was here they had no flights. It looks like they have two a day now.

I also saw a display that noted that the Continental Express flight was operated by Colgan which is not exactly correct.

I also looked around the airport some more noting the FIDS as well as the decor.

I was keeping an eye upstairs as I know that this airport usually don’t open the TSA counter until about 4:30a or so. Soon they did and I went upstairs. I did stop and take a picture of the American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 at the gate.

As I went through security, the agent looked through my stuff twice. My mom had given me a carrot pudding foil and it had triggered the X-ray machine. Eventually, the lady found it and let me go. Not before chastising me for not putting all my liquids into the plastic bag.

The agent arrived at the gate at 4:48p and signed into her computer.

A boarding announcement was made at 4:50a. Everyone got up and headed for the open door; it looked like a full load this morning.

After everyone had boarded except one later arriving passenger, the agent gave me a seat assignment by writing the seat number on my existing standby boarding pass. I boarded immediately.

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