Friday, May 30, 2008

Port of Spain May 2008: Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Piarco International, Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago (POS)

CO418 30MAY08 Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Piarco International, Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago (POS) 1:05p 7:33p N??273 738 with winglets

Flight Time: 4:58
Seat Map

I boarded this 2-2 leather seat cabin with its 20 First class cabin and 132 Economy class cloth seats. I took my First class seat at the window opening the windows as I did so.

I was offered a pre-departure drink as I became comfortable. Soon, the door closed and then the safety video started on the overhead monitors. Push back also commenced at the same time a few minutes earlier then the scheduled departure time.

Takeoff was almost immediate at this time of the day. I did see a Frontier (F9) Airbus A319 taxiing by just before we made it onto the runway and was airborne in no time.

The takeoff was cool as it was an unusually clear day and I could see downtown Houston clearly. We kind of hang there for a bit as we made our way towards Galveston, TX. The visibility was awesome. Soon, we made it to the Galveston coast and was over the Gulf of Mexico heading south for Port of Spain.

After takeoff an announcement was made welcoming us onboard and encouraging us to participate in the OnePass program. Also, beer wine and mixed drinks were 5 USD in Economy class, but headsets were complimentary for the movie “PS: I Love You.”

A flight attendant came by and took our dinner orders; we had a choice of Halibut, pasta or beef and veal medallion. I chose the Halibut.

A welcome aboard from the Captain was made at 1:40p cruising at 37,000’ seat belt signs were turned off. Repeated flying time as 4:58 arriving 1 minutes ahead of schedule at 7:22p; there is a one hour time change as Port of Spain is an hour ahead and then temperature is 91F with scattered clouds. Sit back and relax and we will update the conditions as we get closer.

Hot towel service followed. I heard a crash and apparently one of the flight attendants had dropped a can of soda which created quite a mess unfortunately.

It was interesting to see the oil rigs as we crossed the Gulf of Mexico. They just kept going on and on for ever.

Table cloths were laid soon after as the movie ‘PS: I love You” commenced on the overhead monitors.

Dinner arrived and was delectably delightful. First a tray with a salad and an appetizer of shrimp and crab meat and a choice of a warm roll. The Halibut came next with red rice, asparagus and red peppers. This stuff is really good and I ate it all!

Ice cream sundae was offered after dinner; good grief, I though I’m full. That did not stop me from indulging of course. I chose cherries and strawberries from the slew of toppings she offered. I continued to sip my wines; the 2006 Uma Shiraz from Mendoza Argentina and the Chardonnay.

When we got to the West coast of Florida at 3:50p local time, the Captain told us and said that we were passing directly over Fort Myers ; advising that there are thunderstorms coming up ahead and we may have to turn n the seat belt signs.

I was really tired so I went to sleep. I did not awake until we had already started our descent. I did notice a form on the table. It was my Immigration form. I filled it out just as we were landing. It was beautiful outside although it was pitch black.

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