Friday, May 30, 2008

Port of Spain May 2008: Leaving Downtown Houston, TX

Downtown Houston, TX

I was fortunate. A colleague of mine had sent out a “come wish me happy birthday and have some donuts e-mail,” so my colleagues came over and wished me a good day. This was really nice…one of them indicated that she was going to Alaska on a 3:45p flight and if I wanted a ride, I could have one. Well, I never turn down a ride, so I said yes.

I then made a reservation for the nonstop 1:05p flight to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (POS) hoping that if I get to the airport ontime, I’ll just take it. Otherwise, it would be the under capacity by one and fluctuating 4:18p flight or the Air Canada’s 5:10p departure to Lester B. Pearson International in Toronto, Ontario Canada (YYZ) on the CRJ-700.

We departed the office promptly at noon and were picked up downstairs in about 7 minutes. As traffic was light, we arrived at Terminal E at about 12:25p; fantastic, now I can catch the 1:05p flight. Although I am a little disappointed about not heading to Toronto and then down on Caribbean Airlines (BW). I am such a glutton for punishment. It is a good thing that I will be able to take their Boeing 737-800 on my trip to Tobago tomorrow and then a Dash-3 on the way back; so that takes care of the entire fleet ;-).

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