Friday, May 30, 2008

Port of Spain May 2008: Arriving in Piarco International, Port of Spain, Trinidad (POS)

Piarco International, Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago (POS)

We landed quietly at 7:22p and taxied up to the seemingly deserted terminal. We were the only airplane in the entire airport.

There was a burst of clapping as we touched down; typical for flights to the Caribbean. There was also raucous talking going on with a group of passengers and the flight attendant had to make an announcement to be quiet as they were scaring the children. It was quite funny.

I deplaned thanking the flight attendants as I left and headed for the Immigration area. After a long wait; the agents were just slow, I cleared and headed for the Customs area. I had spotted my friend waiting for me so I waived to him.

So, I was outside and greeted him and then waited for Lee to arrive at 8:10p or so.

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