Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dallas, TX July 2008: Arriving in Dallas-Love Field, Dallas TX (DAL)

26JUL08 Dallas-Love Field, Dallas TX (DAL)

It was 12:52p when we touched down on runway 31R. The airport seemed vacant, but that's cause we were on the American and Continental side.

We pulled off the runway and headed for the gate. I could see a boeing 767 on the left, but not sure who owned it. it seemed like a private ownership.

You can see the tower here as we pulled into the gate.

The Control Tower by the gate.

I deplaned and headed for the Baggage Claim area. There was a tiny sign pointing that way and the lady who was walking with me was not sure where to turn. I helped her along as I'd been to that airport before.

I called my friends, but they were a ways away so I decided to hang out in the Southwest terminal for a bit. I saw the following planes:

I did not think they still use Boeing 737-200s.

Eventually I went to wait outside security and in about an hour my friends showed.

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