Sunday, August 31, 2008

Suhl, Germany: Arriving in Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) from Leipzig-Halle, Leipzig Germany (LEJ)

31AUG08 Frankfurt Main, Frankfurt Germany (FRA)

We taxied for a bit and I realized that we were heading for the hard stand. It was cool to see the Cargo carriers from Lufthansa, ANA, World and a few others.

We finally made it to the hardstand at 7:41a, then deplaned and boarded the bus and headed into the terminal.

It was weird as the bus dropped us right outside the secure area in Terminal 2. It was weird. I checked the board and my flight to Houston was still leaving from C15. I started to make my way there and it was really far away. This was actually a new area that is setup for the flights to the U.S. and select other cities. This C concourse is actually in Terminal 1 so it is quite a walk to get there.

There were flights leaving for Miami, FL (MIA); Dallas, TX (DFW) and Houston, TX and New York. They were all Boeing 747-400s except the flight to Newark which was an Airbus A330.

This area is set up with the lounges one floor up so passengers can board from their directly onto the planes. It is a little confusing with the signage, but it made sense after walking around a bit. They also had newspapers at the gates which was cool and a place to get a snack before boarding.

Boarding did not start until 9:27a with kids first, then Business Class and then Economy. Lufthansa's First Class passengers do not board from the same area as others. They actually have the choice to be dropped off on the tarmac in a car of their choice from the First Class Lounge.

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