Sunday, August 31, 2008

Suhl, Germany: Leipzig-Halle, Leipzig Germany (LEJ) to Frankfurt Main, Frankfurt Germany (FRA)

LH1101 31AUG08 Leipzig-Halle, Leipzig Germany (LEJ) to Frankfurt Main, Frankfurt Germany (FRA) 6:30a 7:25a D-ABIS 735

Flight Time: 0:45
Seat Map

The boarding process started at about 6:05a. I was able to see the airplane just outside the window.

In addition to a large hangar belonging to DHL across the field.

There was also this airplane and I have no idea what type it is.

In addition, an Antonov cargo airliner was sitting across the way.

It was a pretty light flight, so the boarding process was quick. I said hello to the flight attendant as I boarded and she reciprocated. On this aircraft, there were about four rows in Business class in a 3-3 configuration with the middle seat lowered as some kind of tray that is shared by the two passengers.

There is a partition for Economy class in a 3-3 configuration. I found my seat and settled in. I had to put my bag up in the overhead as I was in the Exit row.

At 6:15a, boarding was complete and the door closed shortly after. At 6:21a, the manual safety demo started, then two minutes later we pushed back with the engines starting up as we did.

On our way out to the runway, we passed a few DHL planes and I could also see three World Airways planes at another part of the airport.

One was a cargo MD-11. One of them had just arrived. This was the airplane that one of the crew had told me they were waiting on to arrive. The guy next to me also told me that earlier there was a Boeing 747 of World's that left.

I could also see the control tower across the way and then a view of the terminal that we had just left. It was great that the sun was just coming up so I could see the airport layout.

We took to runway 8R and were airborne by 6:36a.

I was sitting next to a pilot for an American carrier so we talked all the way to Frankfurt. Shortly after takeoff, the flight attendants came through with tea, coffee, water, juice, etc. There were no snacks served.

we soon started our descent in Frankfurt and touched down at 7:28a.

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