Sunday, August 31, 2008

Suhl, Germany: Train station (Hauptbanhof) in Leipzig, Germany

31AUG08 Leipzig, Germany

It was 12:31a when I arrived in this new city. The train station reminded me a lot of Paddington station in London, England. It was vast with about 23 train bays, with very tall ceilings and very wide arches. I had been wondering what the heck I’d do until 3:33a since I had thought I’d arrive a lot closer to the departure time of the train for the airport.

I scouted out the station and noticed a McDonald’s with a “24 h” sign on it; aha! I thought…I then went outside and had a look at the city. It was vast, tall buildings were abound and as late as it was there were people everywhere. Straight ahead it looked like the main bar area. As I had nowhere to put my bags (the baggage locker place was closed), I went back inside.

I walked around a bit again and then headed outside to another area of the gigantic and really beautiful terminal. I noticed a Burger King that was closed, which explained the heavy traffic at McDonald’s. I took some pictures and then headed back inside. Once back inside, I looked around a bit, noted the track of my train’s departure and headed into McDonald’s.

I ordered a chicken sandwich, fries and a drink and settled in.

At 3:15a, I left and headed for track 13. Yup, my train was sitting there so I boarded. At 3:32a, the doors were locked and we departed for the airport.

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