Sunday, January 25, 2009

San Jose, CA Jan 2009: Leaving San Jose, CA

25JAN09 San Jose, CA

I was up at 9:00a courtesy of my alarm clock.  I got ready and left the hotel so that I could catch the 10:30a airport shuttle bus.

While I waited, I started to take some more pictures and noticed that they were now purple :-(.  Well, that's bummer.  The camera is at it again I guess.  I'll have to check to see if it is the fault of the viewer or that of the camera.

I've been considering getting a Nikon D90, so I have to think closer about that now I guess.  Good grief.  I did play with one this weekend and wow, it is click and rather cool.  I also really like the built in video capability.  It weighs about the same as my current D70S too.

I did see the #10 heading back to the airport from the Light Rail stop, but as I ran to get it, I missed it.  It had stopped for two passengers.

Anyways, dejected, I got on the shuttle to the airport.  

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