Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bristol, England: Arriving in Bristol, England (BRS)

16FEB08 Bristol International, Bristol England (BRS)

After landing, we taxied back to the jetway-less terminal and waited as we were a few minutes early and there was no one to receive us. After a few minutes, we were able to disembark.

It was freezing outside as we descended the stairs and onto the tarmac. We walked for a short distance and then went into a covered walkway which was even colder than outside. One passenger walking near to me was complaining how cold it was as he was in shorts!

We continued walking through this long tunnel with translucent panes along its sides which only allowed light to come through, but you could not see out. Then we walked across a crosswalk and down into the Immigration area.

In a few minutes, I cleared Immigration and made my way to Customs and headed out side. They are actually expanding the Arrivals area and it should be completed by this Summer, so the current area is a little make shift. To kill time, I walked over to the Departure area and looked around.

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