Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bristol, England: Amsterdam to Bristol

KL1055 16FEB08 Amsterdam Schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) to Bristol International, Bristol England (BRS) F70 4:30p 4:45p PH-KZC operated by KLM City Hopper

Flying Time: 0:55

We exited the bus after a very short delay and then boarded the Fokker 70 by its own stairs; it was pretty cold outside as well. I greeted the flight attendant at the door and also showed her my boarding pass. She welcomed me on board and ushered me forward. There is a small Business Class of three rows on this flight with a 2-3 configuration and cloth seats. This configuration continued into Economy class.

I made my way back to my window seat and after finding ample space in the overhead bin for my bag moved into my window seat after asking the couple at the middle and aisle to allow me through.

More passengers boarded and got settled in as we waited. At 4:30p, the door closed; two minutes later, the engines started. The manual safety demo by the lone flight attendant commenced (one flight attendant was making the announcements in both English and Dutch).

After a long taxi to the far runway, we were airborne at 4:42p.

We were served complimentary drinks of choice (including alcohol) plus a chocolate cookie and a packet smoked almonds. Later, they gave a pack of potato chips to the guy next to me as they had extras from first class.

When we had about 30 minutes remaining, the Captain came on the PA and said that we were at 28,000’ the local temperature at Bristol was 3F and clear skies.

The view from the left was apparently better as the pilot said that Westminster and London Eye could be seen as we flew directly over Central London.

Soon after, we started our descent and landed in Bristol at 4:38p.

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