Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bristol, England: Leaving Amsterdam Schipol

Amsterdam Schipol

I left the Lounge and headed for gate D6. It was strange how empty the airport was at this time, eerie really…

As I went through security, my water was taken away; I asked to drink it and I was told that I had to go back through security and drink it; odd I thought, so I did not bother at all; I mean, it is a sealed bottle of water that just came off a flight. It is amazing how many bottles of water we toss on a daily basis worldwide in the name of airport security. In the same time, people worldwide are dying of hunger/thirst or don’t have proper running water. How is this right?

I continued on and gave my boarding pass to the agent who told me to come back in a bit.

Boarding started at 4p for all passengers and was by bus. At about 4:10p, I got a middle seat in the rear which was changed to a window seat.

I immediately boarded the bus. We waited for a bit and picked up another twenty or so passengers. People were just running late it seems. We left at 4:20p and headed for the plane. It was quite a drive back there, but we arrived in about 5 minutes.

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