Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bristol, England: Arriving in Amsterdam Schipol

17FEB08 Amsterdam Schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS)

As we made our way to the gate, I saw several planes; Transavia's new fleet of Boeing 737-700s with winglets looked impressive, as did a Lufthansa Regional CRJ700 and a KLM Fokker100, Finnair and TAP's A319s and Alitalia MD80 and a plethora of others. Here are a few of them:

I deplaned once at the gate and headed for the Continental counter as I had a question for them. This guy came up and said he had a flight that was leaving right away and they were late, I let him go ahead although he was not telling the truth as he had two hours to his flight.

I got my question answered and headed for the KLM Transfer desk. On my way over there I saw a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 with winglets; it looked quite new.

I got to the desk and got a standby boarding card, then headed for the KLM Crown Lounge. #41 was full and directed me to #52 which was full, but still had some room.

I showed my credentials and entered leaving my ticket as I needed to borrow a power plug. The Lounge has a fantastic view of the tarmac, so you can see all the planes at the gates, taxiing and landing and taking off as well.

I had some refreshments while I await the flight. I had thought of going into the city, but I have a few things I have to do online, so I will just hang out here.

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