Friday, April 25, 2008

Alexis - Mexico City Apr. 2008: Mexico CIty, Mexico (MEX) to Miami, FL (MIA)

AA2144 25APR08 Mexico City, Mexico (MEX) to Miami International, Miami FL (MIA) 6:55a 11:05a 738

Flight Time: 2:33

Seat Map

We pushed back at what I make to be 7:50a. Having visited the Mexico City air traffic control tower the day before, I try to visual our pushback and subsequent taxi. The control tower is 120 feet tall, so the view is magnificent. It was easy to see all the surrounding ring of mountains, even though hazy, and appreciate that Mexico City is in a valley; albeit one that is more than 7,700 feet above sea level.

In less than ten minutes we are off. There are two runways in Mexico City and departures are from the 05L, while landings are on 05R. A flying time of 2 hrs, 33 min is announced. (I note that this is considerably less the 3 hrs 10 min flying time in the opposite direction. I make a mental note to find out why.)

The movie is National Treasure 2, which I have seen so know it is not worth my time getting my headset out of my bag. So I rested as best as I could, feeling the effects of the time I had to get up.

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Your flying time is shorter as you are heading East. You usually have a tail wind going in that direction hence the shorter flying time.