Sunday, February 03, 2008

London Feb. 1: Geneva, Switzerland (GVA) to London City, England (LCY)

LX438 03FEB08 Geneva International, Geneva Switzerland (GVA) to London-London City International, London England (LCY) 1:55p 2:40p ARJ HB-IYU

Flying Time: 1:15

I completely expected to have my bag checked at the airplane door, but the overheads were actually big enough for my roller bag except for the ones under the wing.

The line was backing up behind as we all waited. I got to my seat, stowed my bag and sat down. This airplane has two classes with 10 Business class leather seats in a 2-3 configuration and 86 Economy class leather seats in a 2-3 configuration as well; there are curtains diving the cabins. I
took some pictures of planes as they passed by my
window, I could also see an El Al Boeing 767-300 and a Qatar Airways A330-200 at the gate.

The flight filled up rather quickly, but there were maybe two empty seats on the entire plane. People were conversing about their ski weekend as we waited for departure.

The Captain came on the PA at 1:55p and advised that we would be leaving shortly. The manual safety demo was done at 2:00p and we taxied out at 2:02p. At 2:07p, we were at the end of the runway and started our takeoff roll.

It was a beautiful day so it was really nice as we took off to see the surroundings.

We went straight out for a bit and then made a right turn and cleared the mountains; we were very close to them it seems.

The view was spectacular as we crossed the Swiss Alps and continue Northeast.

We were served a choice of a salami or cheese sandwich and beverage of choice.

After the meal, we were served a Swiss chocolate, which was a nice touch.

It was soon time for landing and the cabin was prepared. I could see the northwestern tip of France and the southeastern tip of England and the English Channel between the two countries.

The descent was spectacular as we circled the city if London. You could see the buildings up close and very personal. My personal favorite is seeing Westminister Abbey! I really love London.

After this spectacular view, we landed at London City.

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