Saturday, March 08, 2008

The DL 777-200LR: Arriving in Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

08MAR08 Los Angeles International, Los Angeles CA (LAX)

We landed without incident and started the taxi to the gate. I turned my phone on and there was a message from my friend who had started his journey in Birmingham, Al (BHM). It read

“Misconnected due to snow and a go around. Can't make la now."

Oh crap I thought that is not good at all. Snow in Birmingham, AL?

I got up and took my stuff and even forgot my jacket and another passenger tossed it to me. I guess I got carried away with helping the lady with the big bag that was coming from Ecuador, oh well.

As I waited for our third colleague to off the flight, I called my friend and he relayed the message to me in full. Good grief I thought. He arrived just in time to see the aircraft with taxi lights flashing and getting ready to push back from the gate.

Once my friend joined us, we all headed for Terminal 5 via the tunnel that leads from Terminal 6. I found an agent at the gate and he checked us in. It was just 9:30a, so we all went up to the Delta Crown Room and relaxed for a bit.

Unfortunately, as I am a Presidents Club member, I have to pay for Internet access when using the Crown Room. Only Crown Room Club members are given a coupon for complimentary Internet. As a result I did not get a chance to send any updates or check schedules, etc.

We left when we saw the airplane land on 25L. It was good to see it, but it caught me off guard so no pictures.

We went down to the gate to see it and it was awesome. Unfortunately, it was full and we were too far down the standby list (29 and 30 of 41), so we did not get on. Six people did though!

There were 38 persons waiting for a seat on the

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