Saturday, March 08, 2008

The DL 777-200LR: At Houston Intercontinental

08MAR08 Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

Our gate is actually E21 in Terminal E, so we had to first clear security and then make it over to Terminal E via the overhead train. The lady who was It took me 18 minutes to clear security and by then my colleagues had used the express lane and left me behind.

As I came through security, I touched the right side of the computer, and the broken piece of plastic came off in my hand :-(. I really have to take it in before it falls apart completely, I thought; if only I could get around to it. I’m almost there now though as I’ve backed up all the files finally. The guy in front of me had a new MacBook Air and we chatted about it for a bit. He stated that he likes it and he always gets comments whenever he takes it out. I pointed t mine and advised him that it does fit in a manila envelope and he laughed, adding that it is so small, but the screen is so big; this was his only thing about it. I did already decide that I’m getting a MacBook as it will suit my purposes.

I made my way up to the platform for the train and one was just arriving. I boarded and headed for Terminal E, but first a short stop in Terminal C. As the train departed Terminal B, I saw a Korean Airlines Boeing 747-400F taxiing out to the runway. I tried to take a picture, but I think my card malfunctioned; its been doing that for a while now, so I think I either need to reformat it or get a new card.

On the way to Terminal E from C, I noticed the tail of a Lufthansa airplane at the gate in the Terminal D. This is highly unusual, so I assumed that they are having some operation issues and the flight from yesterday never departed or they had a diversion. I’ll have to check on that later once I had connection to the Internet.

I got to E and exited the train, then made my way down to the concourse level. I checked the Flight Information Displays, but did not see any signs of a delayed Lufthansa flight on the board. I then re-verified that my gate was still E21 and continued on.

I popped into the Presidents Club, picked up a Financial Times and a copy of the new issue of Entrepreneur magazine as well as a banana and three muffins then departed. I wanted to have a bagel, but there was no time as it was about 6:45a. I made my way to the gate where I met up with my colleagues. After a few minutes of waiting, I got an aisle seat about mid way down the plane. My other colleague got his seat (a window) at the back of the plane and then we all boarded. The other guy already had his seat.

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